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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

45 random things about Fish.

1. I am 5'1, which makes me a wholeeee lot cuter (:
2. I don't really like to text, ill text only if the person is interesting.
3. Buy me a Zips Double bacon Cheeseburger w/no tomato, and i will <3 you.
4. I hate commercials.
5. I like seeing people run for the transit/bus.
6. My fav. animals are tigers, whales, dogs, cows, & fish. 
7. I have OCD to making my bed, and picking at my scabs.
8.  I live for quotes.
9. Twix & kit-kat are my fav.
10. I smoke ciggs. I will stop though.
11. I like getting compliments.
12. I will try to make your day.
13. My two loves are: Soccoro & Ollie.
14. I am a complete carnivore.
15. I hate my body.
16. I have tooo many enemies.
17. I am used to dissapointment, lies, and backstabbers.
18. One day, I will be famous.
19. My purses are my babys.
21. I dont believe in b-days. 
22. Im funny at times.
23. I am one big flirt.
24. I tease.
25.Tell me I am beautiful a million times and i will never believe you. Call me ugly even once and ill never forget it.
26. I am spoiled to the max.
27. Watermelon is my fav. fruit.
28. I have scars all along my body and i am completly utterly emberrassed of them.
29. I get my way, no matter what.
30. Pictures of me doing random things are the best.
31. I am an awesome drunk.
32. I prefer writing down what i think.
33. I want to be an FBI agent, Mortician, Teacher, or a zoologist.
34. Tacos, lasgana, burgers, ribs, and chinese are the best.
35. I hate seeing people happy when im not.
36. Diamonds are my best friend.
37. I love to show affection.
38. Fake nails on me, yummm.
39. I have over 300 Barbies & Bratz.
40. I have my own style.
41. My eyes and lips are my favorite things on my face, (;
42. I dont really give up on people and therefore that makes me sometimes dumb.
43. I am able to entertain myself.
44. My freckles are just too cute.
45. I AM A PIMP.

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