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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My bestfriend.

Her name is Socorro Nahla Hermida. I would do anything and everything to make this girl flash me one of those beautiful smiles. I love you. I know i have had too many "best friends" within 2 years, but you are something special. You make me happier than a fairy in a porn shop, there is so much love in my heart for you. And its all unconditional love and friendship. I know as a friend i lie and i make bad choices but after it all i know that you will always stand by my side, and cry, laugh, fight, with me. If anyone ever does anything or say something to make you feel like your not as valuable as you truly are, just remember that it doesn't matter what they say because they don't mean anything, its all jealousy. You are one amazing woman, you stand up for yourself, you fight for what is right, and you don't let me get hurt. What else can i ask for? You made me such a better person you thought me how not to let everything get to my head and not to let people walk all over me. I am proud to say you are mine, and only mine. We dont need anyone else besides us. You are my shining star, and the notebook means everything to me even if i dont write much, DONT LET ANYONE TOUCH IT <3. I would get killed lol

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