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Sunday, March 25, 2012

tegan & sara & krispy kreme donuts

I have this lesbian crush on Tegan & Sara. C'mon they are beautiful and man can they sing! i cant get enough of them! all i have listened to for the past 4 days is them! I've placed my order in for some pins and shirts, i'm super excited, anyways i told my mom i was head over heels for her and she kinda just gave me a "shut up" kinda so i did. Spokane was awesome to me as always, my elementary crush lives over there and we started talking again and i saw him, hes still a cutie :) i got 2 dozen krispy kreme donuts all for me & i dont want to finish them because then i will be sad! 
i got so many cute things all for mexico! im leaving in 8 days, i cant even sleep anymore cause im just so excited! :D

this is my crush, Tegan Quin <3 

i really need this shirt :)

GOD! shes sooooo cute >.<


now, more of today :D

baby alan <3

Kaylee sneaking pictures of me! hahaha!

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