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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Mock interview.

Today i had my mock interview, and may i say.. IT WENT GREAT! i got a blister but aside from that i was soooo happy with the outcome :)

looking like a fool..

now i am home, tony jst left he was here from who knows when to 7 haha! i want to go out this weekend with my favvvvv, slim shady *wink wink*
i have been having some crazyyyyy dreams on the daily, they all include girls & one boy.. im worried lol
this guy had a dirty dream about me, it was funny it went like this:
he came over my mom opened the door and she said "come in" he went into my room and saw me laying there with nothing on but some blue lace underwear and i apparently told him to get the lotion and rub me down, he did and i turned back and whispered "take it off.." and..... thats it for now hahaha!
today there is supposed to be Aurora lights at 11, i am gonna go see them with my amigito :D
howwwww cuteeee <3
well its 24 days until i get the hell outta this shit hole! excited doesnt begin to explain the feeling!

well im getting ready and im about to leave.... Bye <3
p.s. i need a DTF friend ASAP. waaaa! lol

ive been abused by Edwin ):

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