Sunday, July 17, 2011

last night i went to a party, it was somewhat gay but i had some fun moments honestly it was a fun night! my feet were sooooo tired from those demond possed heels lol. Weeeeeelllll, i guess i was feeling like a striper cause in every freaking picture i looked like one. But im satans striper. I wanted D. to go with me to the party buttttt he was outta town, waaaaa. I wont be here for jersey shore Waaaattta bummer. whateverrr tho! i can watch it in mexico. I finished packing my shit, jk i need one more bag with all my poop in it and thennnnn i will be finished and then at 3 pm i will be goneeeeeeeeee and back in 3 weeks :)
well im gonna shower and go talk dirty to my boy toy jk night <3

i like a man who takes charge ;)

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