Wednesday, April 13, 2011


"As I look at you
I forget about my past
Time stands still
but only for a while
I couldnt wait to see you the next day
when you would brighten up my world with that smile
I wish it would last longer
but days grow old
So now I look at my empty life
as it unfolds
Before I knew you
my heart grew cold
But thats another story
that shouldnt be told
I only wanted you to know
the way I felt about you
And no matter what
I will never doubt you
But now its too late
We live apart from each other
So I hope its fate
And maybe one day
you will feel the same
Its no one elses fault
So im the one to blame
And if you hear this
I want you to know
I wont forget about you
As time flows
If only we both
can make it through
All I wish for
is that if you knew"
By Manuel (:

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